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Can Online Speech Therapy Be Just As Effective As In-Person Sessions? A Look at The Research.

Unlocking Speech Success Online: A Parent's Guide to Wordwise Speech Therapy

Ever wondered if online speech therapy, particularly through Wordwise Speech Therapy, is as effective as traditional in-person sessions? Does it offer the same warmth and attention? You are probably wondering: Does Online Speech Therapy Work? Let's explore the research to find out and delve into how Wordwise Speech Therapy is transforming the speech-language landscape.

In a pivotal study conducted by Kent State University in 2011, the effectiveness of online speech therapy was examined by comparing students receiving traditional therapy with those in teletherapy

1. Surprisingly, the results showed no significant difference in progress, with the Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation 2 (GFTA-2) scores demonstrating comparable advancements between the two groups1. The study noted, "Students in the telehealth group made significant improvement in speech sound production, similar to the improvement noted in the traditional side-by-side group."

Research consistently supports the efficacy of online speech therapy. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), a reputable authority in the field, acknowledges teletherapy as a method for delivering speech therapy services2. This recognition underscores the positive impact that virtual sessions, like those offered by Wordwise Speech Therapy, can have on speech-language development.

Satisfaction surveys echo this sentiment, revealing overwhelming support for the teletherapy service delivery model from both students and parents1. Another noteworthy study, addressing speech therapist shortages in Ohio, funded a pilot on teletherapy for speech-language pathology services3. The results were impressive, with students in the telehealth group making significant strides in speech sound production, aligning with their peers in the traditional side-by-side group3.

For parents considering online speech therapy, especially with Wordwise Speech Therapy, the magic lies not just in the method but also in the person behind the screen. While the digital world opens up new avenues, the therapist's expertise remains crucial. Wordwise Speech Therapy emphasizes the importance of choosing a professional skilled in this virtual delivery method, adept at keeping kids engaged through techniques like learning games, dynamic backgrounds, and virtual whiteboards to tap into play-based learning principles.

In essence, Wordwise Speech Therapy emerges as a pioneer in the world of online speech therapy, offering families a reliable and effective avenue to support their child's speech-language development. As we ride the wave of evolving technology, Wordwise Speech Therapy can help you find more time, reduce travel, exposure to germs, and create a far more relaxing experience by using online speech therapy to meet your child's goals.

Parent-Friendly Tips:

  • Check how the therapist uses fun techniques like computer games, dynamic backgrounds, and virtual whiteboards to keep your child engaged.

  • Seek a professional who can create a positive and interactive virtual environment.

  • Ensure your chosen online speech therapist, especially one from Wordwise Speech Therapy, is experienced in teletherapy.


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