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Wordwise Speech
Therapy Foundation, Inc. 

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At Wordwise Speech Therapy Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, our mission is to empower children to find their voices and reach their full potential through accessible speech therapy, to educate and empower parents & professionals, and to advocate for positive change.
We are committed t
o breaking down barriers by providing subsidized low-cost speech therapy, closing accessibility gaps in early intervention programs, and advocating for improved speech therapy services. We believe that every child, regardless of their financial means, deserves the opportunity to communicate confidently and thrive. We educate professionals, parents, and communities on the importance of speech therapy!

Explore the impactful work we're doing and discover how your support can contribute to our cause.

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Our Mission

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Subsidized Low-Cost Therapy

Every child deserves a chance to communicate effectively. Explore our subsidized low-cost speech therapy sessions, designed to make quality therapy easily available to families in your area. Delivering these services virtually allows us to keep therapy affordable and accessible.

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Advocacy in State Organizations

Join the movement for improved speech therapy services. We collaborate with state organizations to advocate for change and enhancement of speech therapy coverage, benefitting both families and providers!

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Speech Therapy through Medicaid

Access speech therapy services through Medicaid. We actively engage with state Medicaid programs, expanding coverage and making speech therapy accessible. Discover nearby clinics and services for your child through our collaborative efforts.

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Educating Professionals

Our foundation invests in educating speech therapists and professionals, ensuring they have the expertise to deliver exceptional services. We're dedicated to closing accessibility gaps by participating in State 0-3 Programs, and helping more providers nationwide do the same!

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Closing the Accessibility Gap 

Check out; Our free database designed to connect parents with a qualified speech therapist near you. Parents can easily search for therapists based on location, availability, and specializations!

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Parent/Community Education

Empower yourself to support your child's speech development at home. Explore workshops, webinars, and resources designed to help you play an active role in your child's speech journey. Access valuable information on speech & language therapy for children in your area.

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How You Can Help

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We believe that your support is a catalyst for change. Whether you're looking for a pediatric speech therapist near you, get involved with advocacy, or help our cause by offering a donation, we appreciate the support.

Join us in creating a world where every child's voice is heard. Your contribution to Wordwise Speech Therapy Foundation, Inc. helps us subsidize life-changing speech therapy services for families in need.

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Why Donate to our 501(c)(3) Organization?

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When you donate to Wordwise Speech Therapy Foundation, a registered 501 (c)(3) organization, your contributions offer several key benefits:

Tax Deductible Expense:

As a 501 (c)(3) organization, your donations are tax-deductible. This allows you to make a positive impact on children's lives while enjoying potential tax benefits. 

Transparency & Accountability:

We uphold the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Your donations are used efficiently and effectively to support our mission. We regularly report on the impact of your contributions, and can happily say that hundreds of therapy sessions have already been subsidized for families in need.


Community Impact:

Your support directly contributes to making quality speech therapy accessible to families in need. By Fostering communication skills in children- you are investing in the future success of individuals and communities.

Part of a Collective Effort:

Join a community of compassionate individuals who share the common goal of empowering children through speech therapy. Your donation, combined with others, amplified the collective impact we can make!


Empowering Voices:

Every donation helps us subsidize life-changing speech therapy services, providing children with the tools they need to express themselves confidently. Your support enables us to empower more voices and transform lives.

By donating to Wordwise Speech Therapy Foundation, you play a crucial role in creating a world where every child's voice is heard and celebrated. Together, we can make a lasting differences in the lives of children and families in need

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