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Online and In-Person Speech Therapy Near You! 

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Our Services

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Academic Support

Do you feel like school isn’t doing enough to help your child? Private speech therapy can supplement IEP services, and help if your child does not qualify for school-based therapy. 

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Speech & Language Evaluations

We conduct thorough assessments to understand every aspect of your child's speech and language. This helps us tailor interventions that are effective, personalized, and fun!

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Speech Sound Correction

Can’t understand what your child says? We specialize in correcting your child’s sound errors such as: lisps, ‘R’ sounds, and overall speech clarity. 

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Language Therapy

We can help your child excel in both understanding what others say and using language to express themselves.

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Early Intervention for Late Talkers

Therapeutic intervention paired with parent coaching to help your busy little bee start communicating!

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Parent Coaching

Giving parents 1:1 support and professional guidance to give parents the confidence to support their child’s communication needs. 

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Meet the Owner

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Jamie Giannino, M.A. CCC-SLP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

Meet Jamie, the heart and soul behind Wordwise Kids and Bee Bright Therapy, SLP, PLLC: a warm, inclusive haven for children and families seeking compassionate speech therapy.


Jamie started Bee Bright with Wordwise Kids Speech Therapy in 2021 with the goal to create a therapeutic, welcoming and safe environment for families that focuses on culturally responsive, child-led, play-based, and neurodiversity affirming care. Jamie graduated with her Master's in Speech Pathology from Long Island University in 2015. Since then, Jamie has accumulated expertise in treating pediatrics and adults; from Early Intervention, Preschool, or School Age to 100 year old Veterans!

Jamie takes her varied clinical experiences to heart, which allows her to appreciate multiple perspectives and to create safe spaces for all. Her experience in treating all ages from all walks of life has allowed her to develop a profound respect for every family's unique journey. 

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This profound respect for all families is the foundation upon which our dedicated family of brands: Wordwise Kids Speech Therapy, Wordwise Speech Therapy Foundation, and Bee Bright Therapy, SLP, PLLC is built.

As the owner of Bee Bright with Wordwise Kids Speech Therapy, Jamie emphasizes trust and collaborative relationships with the families her practice serves. She is constantly seeking new knowledge and techniques to provide the best possible care for her clients while considering multiple perspectives within the profession and related fields. You can trust that the Wordwise & Bee Bright teams, with Jamie as their leader, are dedicated to providing top-notch therapy services for all ages.


We are here to support your family in overcoming challenges and guide you in promoting your child’s communication skills.

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Our Approach to Speech Therapy

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Each therapy session is customized to your child’s interests, creating a motivating and engaging environment built on trust. Our child-led therapy techniques promote empowerment and autonomy for children, which gives your child the confidence to play an active role in their learning.

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Natural Environment

Conducting speech therapy in your child’s home, school, or via our convenient virtual therapy options encourages greater family involvement, personalized goals and strategies, and the opportunity to learn and apply new skills in their natural environment.

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Neurodiversity Affirming

Wordwise is passionate about helping neurodiverse children embrace their unique differences and express their authentic selves. We celebrate each child’s individuality and support them in effectively and confidently communicating.

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Play-Based Therapy

Play-based therapy is not just enjoyable- it is crucial for fostering holistic childhood development according to experts. By incorporating play, children not only improve speech and language skills but also stimulate cognitive, social, and emotional growth!

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Personalized Care

We believe that speech therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our speech therapists customize treatment plans to your child’s interests, needs, and communication style.

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Family Involvement

Parents and caregivers are involved in each step of a child’s communication journey with Wordwise. We collaborate with families to maximize the effectiveness of therapy, and equip parents with techniques to support communication development.

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“Jamie adjusted the sessions based on [my child’s] interests and engagement for the day. She custom-fit the therapy for [my child], she never followed a script, and became [my child’s] “friend”. Thank you! We will miss you!”


-A Pediatric Client in NY

“[My child's] speech has improved tremendously. I am so proud of the work [my child] has done with Jamie. She was struggling with reading and sounds. Jamie took the time to empower her and teach her strategies for success. [My child's] confidence has improved so much!"


-A Pediatric Client in FL

“[My child] had a persistent lisp that that had begun to affect his confidence. We've tried speech at school but he didn't qualify. These private 1 on 1 sessions were the way to go for us, thank you!"


-A Pediatric Client in NY

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Serving New York, Virginia, Delaware, DC & Florida

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